Synogen Foundation for Education & Sustainable Development

We believe in the philosophy of "doing good while doing well", and an integral part of that is making a positive difference in the world through our investment success.

Our foundation has worked on educational programs in the US, and is now primarily focused on Cambodia, as a corporate sponsor of Sustainable Cambodia.

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doing good while doing well

Sustainable Cambodia helps village families in rural Cambodia build schools, put in water wells, and create a sustainable quality of life.

Sustainable Cambodia

Nothing is "given" to the villagers. The villagers must commit their time and labor to make the projects happen, while Sustainable Cambodia typically provides the training and nearly all the early financing for the projects. The amount of assistance is slowly reduced after a three-year period, as the villagers become more and more self-reliant. It takes four to five years, but eventually the quality of life in the village is dramatically improved, and the villagers have the self-created resources to continue to improve it.

They utilize a participatory development model: The village families create a Village Development Committee, which works with Sustainable Cambodia's staff to prioritize the projects that will have the most impact on the village

The projects which each Village Development Committee chooses to implement are unique to each village, but often they include water wells, community ponds, rainwater harvesting, irrigation, gardens, alternative agriculture, a village school, a pre-school, vocational training, micro-loans and micro-business, and village healthcare. 


We hope to help move this empowerment model into other developing countries in the future.

Synogen Foundation will be focusing on very early childhood education in the United States and plans to expand into that area in the years to come.

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