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Business Plan Development

We work with our partner companies to create a compelling and comprehensive Business Plan, one that can "tell the story" in a unique and constructive way yet still contained within a "conventional" structure that venture capitalists expect to see. The Business Plan tells the story of what makes the company unique and exciting, and it explains in a detailed way how the company is going to commercialize its products and technologies and make them profitable. It provides a roadmap for the company, and it translates the business into financial forecasts that will measure the company's performance milestones in the future.

The full Business Plan we will help create typically includes sections on the science, technology, operational plan, management, competition, competitive advantages, regulatory environment and financial summary, all driven by a well thought out strategic focus. The Plan will have an Executive Summary summarizing all the important aspects of the business, and will be tied to a full set of financial projections.

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