We co-found & partner companies in the biotech, healthcare IT and tech space.


Synogen's principals and team members bring decades of experience in the fields of tech, med-tech and biotech. We have partnered & co-founded numerous companies in the biotech, healthcare IT and tech space.

The expertise in the Synogen group comes from having founded, run and participated as key principals in many companies operating in many technology markets. Our team has grown those companies through a variety of economic cycles, speeding up the development of their technologies and gaining unique advantages in the market, taking them to successful exits via acquisition or IPO. 

The broad range of expertise of the Synogen team – including engineering, regulatory, medical technology, biotech, finance and business, marketing and intellectual property – creates unique opportunities for the companies with whom we partner.

We provide the resources necessary to quickly develop technologies and execute on business plans, increasing the value of the company as it moves to the next round of capital investment and increasing its chances of ultimate success. 

Synogen Foundation
for Education & Sustainable

We believe in the philosophy of "doing good while doing well", and an integral part of that is making a positiv e difference in the world through our investment success.

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These are companies that Synogen has invested in and partnered with from inception or seed-stage, through full commercial launch.

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